The New Norm- Working From Home Or Return To The Office

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As the country starts to get moving again, we are left with the new ‘norm’. For many of us this is completely different to how things were before. However, during these times of change there are positive steps of progress. For many parents’ children returned to school, college and universities this week showing that life is moving forward once again.

For many businesses the new ‘norm’ has brought its own challenges. The biggest being home working or staff returning to the office. As the government have outlined there are a number of procedures that need to be put in place in the working environment. Every business is different and so will the outcome of homeworking versus returning to the office.

The new ‘norm’ for some is a time of uncertainty with some businesses wondering if they will recover or whether their doors like some many will remain shut forever. Some businesses have used this time to adapt and change to reach their customers and rethink their plans for the future.

Homeworking does have some advantages the most significant being the ability to cut out the daily commute and having flexibility especially for those who have children responsibilities. It has often been said that those who work from home are less productive as they are distracted by household chores, however more studies are showing this is not the case and in fact productivity can be increased by working from home.

As things stand now, one thing can be said, more businesses will certainly contemplate homeworking now, more than they did ever before. Maybe home working will be the new ‘norm’. One thing is clear thou, the strength that we have all found during the lockdown has shown our ability to be resilient, to be patient and to be resourceful.

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