Management Skills; Are You In The Know?

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Manging a team consists of many skills, being able to adapt to managing different personalities can be a challenge. This article will highlight some of the management skills that are required for effective leadership.

Interpersonal skills

The basis of being a good manager and effective leader is all about building and maintaining successful relationships. In order to be a good leader, you need to earnt the respect of your team.

A big part of earning the respect of your team is getting to know them on a personal and professional level.

You need to demonstrate that you posses the managerial qualities of authority and being part of a team.

Communication and motivation

Effective communication including written, verbal and listening skills are essential. As a manager you are the line of communication between the employees and senior management. You will liaise with a variety of stakeholders in many different ways.

Establishing a relationship of trust with all stakeholders allows for effective communication, responsibility and the ability to able to influence decisions and discussions.

To keep the lines of communications open you need to be available and accessible to you team so that they can discuss any issues and concerns. Weekly team meetings and an open-door policy will enable you to achieve this.

Having a positive attitude goes a long way in creating a harmonious working environment. By actively engaging with your employees and recognising achievements will ensure that your team feels valued and appreciated.


Being proficient at being organised is essential for managers. You need to have the ability to manage your own work load, supervise your employees and oversea their workload whilst carry out other duties such as meetings, training and employee relation matters.

Delegating your workload can help to manage stress levels but also gives your team new responsibilities, trust and respect.

Planning ahead

As a manager you need to think of the bigger picture and focus on the tasks of the future as well as today’s tasks. Effective goal setting that are in line with the company’s overall goals and reviewing processes to maintain productivity and effectiveness will help with strategic plans for the future

Problem solving

Problem solving can be a daily occurrence for some managers. Being able to effectively solve problems and make quick and efficient decisions is vital.

It is important that as a manager you can look at the pros and cons of any decision. Creative thinking can allow you to find effective solutions that minimise the impact for you and your team and the business as a whole.


Managers play a role in supporting their employees, guiding them within their roles and preparing them for future roles. Managers should be enabling their team to develop and improve their skills and knowledge which will help individual employees and the business.

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