How do I motivate my employees?

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We often get asked how do I motivate my employees? From time to time all employees and even managers lack motivation. The key to motivating your employees is by creating a good working environment that makes your employees feel passionate about going to work every day and wanting to work hard.

Motivating your employees does not need to challenging. You can easily put steps in place that will create better employee engagement.

Create a Friendly working environment

Creating a friendly work environment makes your employees feel welcomed and comfortable is key as employees spend most of their time at work. Working in a positive space will help create a positive mindset which will in turn motivate your employees.

Employee achievements

Everyone wants to have acknowledgement for a job well done. Recognising and celebrating employees’ achievements mean more to employees thank you might realise. Every employee wants to feel valued and respected and know that what they do contributes to the overall goals of the business.


Rewarding employees can increase motivation, positive reinforcement results in positive results. Rewards don’t necessarily need to be that of monetary rewards, it can be as simple as providing an extra day off and flexible working.


It’s important to keep the lines of communication open with your employees. You need to give your employees an opportunity to openly express concerns and ideas as this will give employees a sense of being listened too. The concerns / ideas can also give an insight to the inner workings of the business. Employee’s value having a manager that is approachable and open which in turns leads to engaged employees.

Friendly competition

A competitive environment that encourages some friendly competition between employees can create motivated and engaged employees as well as creating a sense of achievement.

Competition can be healthy if carried out in the correct manner. When it is carried successfully it can lead to employee participation and team work resulting in a good working relationship.

Goal setting

Everyone should be working towards the overall goal and vision of the business. Managers should be setting goals for employees that corelates to the business goals. Having goals that employees can work towards leads to recognition, reward and career progression will drive employees to work harder.


Having a clear progression plan for your employees will help to motivate your employees and keep them engaged and lead to better retention. Giving your employees opportunities to learn and develop will benefit your organisation and your employees.

By providing the necessary training for your employees that is required to help build their careers will benefit the organisation through more knowledgeable and better skilled employees.

Lead by example

Your employees look to you to demonstrate what a good leader is. Setting a good tone for your employees will motivate and aspire your employees to work harder and keep them engaged. Good leadership has a positive effect on your employee’s productivity, work ethic and mental health. Strong positive leadership creates a positive work culture and an environment that nourish and grows your employees.

Be creative

Encourage your employees to be creative and to develop ideas that can be shared across the organisation. There are many ways your employees can get involved and be creative such as social events and creating blogs.

In summary there are many ways you can motivate your employees. Here we have outlined just a few ways in which you can motivate and engage your employees. It’s important to remember that you need to find what works for your business. If your employees are happy at work then they will be more productive. Remember your employees are your best assets and therefore its worth making sure they are motivated.  

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