Candidate Offer Letter Template

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We get asked on a fairly regular basis for help with what to put in an offer letter to a candidate who has been successful in a recruitment process. So we’ve decided to put a template on our site to provide easy access to it whenever it’s needed. Feel free to use it as you need.

Company Address


Candidate’s address
Candidate’s Names


We are pleased to confirm that we would like to offer you the position of _.
This position is_______
(office based or home based). Your manager who you will report directly to is _ (name and position within the company).
This offer letter is subject to the conditions of _____
(references, background check, drug test, signed confidentiality statement, proof of employment eligibility).

The position is _ (hours per week and days per week. Weekend work, shifts) with an hourly or annual salary of _. (Are there any bonuses or commission that would be paid)
The company offers the following benefits as part of your employment package, (pension, private health care, extra holiday after years served, expenses paid, car allowance, buy holiday scheme etc).
This job offer expires on

Please could you read and sign this offer letter in a formal acceptance of accepting the position and the conditions that apply as part of the offer.
We are very much looking forward to you joining the company.

Yours Sincerely

(Name and signature)

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